Welcome to Voxx Coffee


Since 2008 we have been striving to offer the highest quality espresso beverages to be found anywhere. We start with our own custom blend of premium beans sourced through farmers in the world’s best coffee growing regions. We are proud to partner with Lighthouse Roasters, a Seattle pioneer in roasting since 1995.


Our espresso flows from the finest machine on the market today,a Synesso. Hand-built in Seattle, Synesso machines are unparalleled in quality and consistency, giving our baristas the tools necessary to create perfection.


The baristas at Voxx all share a passion for coffee.

We ensure our baristas undergo advanced training in the methodology of creating espresso beverages from properly extracted shots, micro-foam milk texture, and careful attention to timing and temperatures.


Our reputation for quality and consistency continues to grow. Thank you to all of our loyal Voxx regulars, and if you have not yet been to Voxx Coffee, we invite you to come in and see for yourselves why Voxx is something unique!

We Also Offer:

Freshly-baked pastries

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Sandwiches and breakfast wraps


• Mike's East Coast Sandwiches.

  Served cold or grilled to order

Beer and Wine


• Local and imports.

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